Sunday, 3 May 2009

JavaFX: "Nice features but still needs improvement"

There is a lot of hype around JavaFX, clearly Sun Microsystems are very proud of their new product. For the people who haven't yet heard about it, JavaFX is a new Software Platform that enables Java developers to create Rich Internet Applications (RIA), similar to what Adobe's Flash does. It's capacity to create pretty applications on mobile devices makes it an interesting tool for the future.
I asked a Software Engineer who has already used JavaFX quite extensively what he thought of it. His answer was that it is already possible to do some nice things with JavaFX (mostly on JavaSE) but that there are still a lot of problems.
JavaFX Problems and Weaknesses:
  • Lack of features (widgets, layout managers, codecs)
  • Too many bugs
  • No hardware available yet for JavaFX Mobile (despite Sun signing deals with Sony Ericsson and LG)
  • Performance problems
JavaFX 1.2 should soon be made available to developers and should already contain some new widgets, fixes for bugs and improvements in performance...seems like things are getting better, rapidly...

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  1. I have also used javafx. There are no of features are absent which is very much required. I tried with javafx 1.0,1.1 and 1.2

    There is no native control available for password field and Table. It is really essential control for developer.

    I hope java concentrate on basic requirement
    because without that user even not create basic login form. (by the way There are no of alter found to generate password field in javafx but for that we need to depends on swing)

  2. look at this page

    You see field for password anf grid