Monday, 27 April 2009

Optical discs to offer up to 500GB of storage

General Electric (GE) have just unveiled a new disc, the size of a regular DVD, which can store up to 500GB of data (equivalent to 100 DVDs).

That is quite impressive if compared to Blu-ray discs which can "only" store between 25GB and 50GB.

The reason these optical discs offer so much more capacity is that they store the information in three dimensions, unlike traditional DVDs where the data is stored as pits on the surface of the disc.

In fact these micro-holographic discs could theoretically store more than 500GB as the amount of data depends on the amount of light that can be reflected by the holograms. The General Electric team working on these discs is quite optimistic and believes improvements can still be made, thanks to new materials.

Now I have 2 questions:

  • Do consumers really need that amount of storage space?
  • At how many GB will the ├«ndustry say: Ok that's enough we have reached the ideal storage size?

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